While it can rain any season of the year, it rains more during the spring. When rain interrupts your daily outside activities, it can be hard to keep the kids entertained for longer than a few minutes.  If you live in a major city, your city may offer plenty of museums and  indoor play jungle gyms to visit, but sometimes staying in can be just as fun!

15 Fun Things To Do With Kids on A Rainy Day

Try one of these 15 fun activities below to keep your charges active and entertained for longer than five minutes!

  1. Bake. Download this free cookbook for inspiration!
  2. Read a couple of the kids favorite books.
  3. Play dress-up.
  4. Build a fort with blankets and pillows.
  5. Host an indoor Treasure hunt.
  6. Play board games.
  7. Have a lego building contest.
  8. Play charades .
  9. Make tie-dye shirts.
  10. Watch a movie.
  11. Play hide and seek.
  12. Get crafty. Download the  craft below!
  13. Try kids yoga.
  14. Create an indoor bean bag toss.
  15. Play balloon tennis.

What are some fun indoor activities your charges enjoy doing during rainy days?