10 Companies that offer Seasonal Work From Home Jobs #workfromhome #holidayseason #seasonaljob


A few weeks ago, I asked in the facebook group who would be interested in receiving seasonal holiday positions, and I received quite a few responses. Since then, many people have sent me private messages asking if it is too late. Short answer, no! The holiday season is the busiest time of year for many businesses. To be honest, some people are not aware of the high demands these jobs entail. To sum it up, people who could not handle the workload would have quit by now.

As a nanny, we thrive in chaos and can make almost anything look easy. So, working from home…we can probably do it in our sleep! Some companies may be done hiring for the holiday season, but 4-6 week trainings are just starting to begin for the tax season (January through late April). Take a look below at 15 companies that hire seasonal work from home jobs!


I’m sure you recall seeing Williams-Sonoma on quite a few of the job lists I’ve sent out over the past few months. During the holiday season, they hire quite a bit! They require on-site training so you must live in a specific area, but after training, you’re set! Looking at their current openings, you must live near Las Vegas or Reno, NV, Cincinnati/Columbus, OH,  Flagstaff/Phoenix/Tucson/ Mesa, AZ,  Braselton, GA, Oklahoma City/Tulsa, OK, Raleigh NC, Tampa/Orlando, FL, Salt Lake City UT.


Another familiar company with the exception that you don’t have to live in the US to apply. As of this posting, I see some that are Ireland and Germany based.


Don’t quote me on this, but I believe Uhaul’s seasonal jobs are during the summer months. I can only pinpoint this to when colleges are on break, and it’s just easier to move during the warmer months than in February. However, I have included them in the newsletter as late as October.


As of now, Nordstrom does not have any seasonal work from home jobs, but I included them on the list so you can get a head start at the end of next summer to begin your search on their job board.


Sitel offers customer service positions and is typically hiring year around. Calls may involve billing inquiries, account or product inquiries, product or service orders, installation scheduling or technical product troubleshooting. Unfortunately, they can only hire residents of the following states:

Alabama, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois (except Chicago), Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico (Except Santa Fe), North Carolina, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia and Wisconsin.


LiveOps is always hiring! Just in the past few months, they’ve had contracts with Victoria’s Secret and Nordstrom! All positions are contractual, so you are responsible for your own taxes as they consider this your own business. You also must have a landline (house phone) for most of the jobs, and pay for your own background check. Paying for your own background check is common when dealing with companies like Live Ops. They’re reputable, so rest assured it’s a legit company.


HSN offer inbound call center positions to help customers with placing orders, questions about their orders and the like. This is another one where you must live near one of their centers so only residents of FL, OH and Tennessee need apply.


Concentrix has been offering work from home positions for over a decade so they’re a company you can trust! The pay is typical $10/hour so keep that in mind when looking at their jobs.


Arise offers opportunities similar to LiveOps so it would be similar to starting your own business and working for their clients. Many companies similar to Arise and LiveOps pay per minute with averaging $15-20/hour depending on how many calls you receive within an hour.


While this isn’t necessarily a work from home job, I added it because you can literally drive for Uber or Lyft when you want! Want to make some extra cash after your nanny job? Fares during rush hour (during the morning and evening) cost more so you can make up to 1.9 times more than working midday. Having many friends and family who drive for Uber and Lyft as their primary job, I can confidently say, it is possible to make at least $600 per week. As of this posting, Lyft is guaranteeing you’ll earn $1,900 within four weeks. Click here to check it out.

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