There are currently over 3 million Americans who have had the opportunity to work from home. Yes, 2019, not 2005 or 2010. As an employee, you get to work from home in your PJ’s, be there for your kids, no car is needed, you’ll show up to work on time, and if you love to cook you can cook at home or have dinner prepared by 2 pm! You can use your lunch hour to workout, finish laundry, meet up with a friend or run quick errands. It makes sense why more companies are switching to a virtual work community; companies don’t have to rent/lease building space, pay for costly office supplies or deal with constant tardiness from employees. It is literally a win-win in most cases. Below, I am sharing 10 Fortune 500 companies that offer work from home positions.

American Express

American Express offers a variety of work from home positions (customer care, concierge, travel agents and IT) so check their website at least once a week for your opportunity to apply to work there. Check out their jobs here.

Capital One

Capital One offers entry-level jobs that come with benefits from day one. Admittedly, many of their positions require you to be within 100 miles of one of their service hubs.Check out what’s available here.

Citizens Bank

The only positions I’ve come across from Citizens Bank that is WFH are mortgage loan officers and underwriters. I don’t check their website often, but again they’re worth mentioning because they do hire for other positions occasionally. Check out their jobs here.


Intuit Turbo Tax offer many positions during the tax season that does not require a CPA. I am currently contracted with Intuit this tax season to help their customers navigate the website/app and answer simple tax questions. They don’t often hire throughout the year, so I’d suggest starting checking their site in August for tax season employment. Save this link for your search.


CVS offers a plethora of work from home positions! You can expect to find front-end developing, IT, RN consultant, sale positions and more. They also often require you to be a certain number of miles from a local hub so read the descriptions carefully before applying. I’ve taken the chance to apply to jobs (not CVS) that required me to be in a specific region (they offer many jobs in NC, OH, FL, NJ) only to receive an email stating I wasn’t moving forward in the interview process because of my location. All in all, don’t spend 20-30 minutes on the application and assessment when you know you don’t meet the requirements. You can view their jobs here.


Another Mega health pharmacy in the US! I’ve only seen a hand full of work from home jobs offered by Walgreens in the past year so I don’t know if they hire often, but they’re worth adding to your list of places to regularly check!

United Health

While United Health is in the healthcare field, they don’t just hire medical professionals, but if you just so happen to be a Registered Nurse, you’re in luck. Some of their positions are field-based (you’ll travel within your local area) and some are telephone-based, so there may be location requirements. Alternatively, they also hire Administrative positions also!

Cardinal Health

I actually received a job offer from Cardinal Health last year, so I know first hand that once you accept the job offer, they will mail you a laptop, headset, and offer a generous benefits package.


If you’ve been on my email list for a while, you know there was a time when Williams-Sonoma was on the job’s list almost every week! They hire a lot during the holiday season (August-January), but I’ve seen permanent positions offered also. Again, you typically have to be within a certain distance, and I believe they train on site for a few weeks, but afterward, you’re free! See what’s available here.


Amazon often offers work from home positions that include customer service around the holiday season, but also provide other roles as well including tech support. If you do not live in the USA, keep Amazon on your radar as I’ve seen work from home positions offered by Amazon for countries in South American and even India. You can check out there work from home jobs here.

Not looking for a customer service based job? That’s okay! All of the Fortune 500 companies listed have more technical jobs that require a bachelor’s/Master’s degree and pays very well. However, if you’re a SAHM, recent college grad, no college degree or someone who just wants flexibility and willing to work their way up within the company, you can pretty much find a job at all of the above companies.

As you can see, many of these Fortune 500 companies offer an array of positions but have many customer service and administrative roles that from my experience only require a minimum of roughly two years of experience. This makes the chance of getting called hard as thousands of people are applying for what might be just one position, but I’ve personally worked with two of the above companies and know that if you keep applying, tailor your resume to the specific role you’re applying to and eventually you will receive a call-back! Grab the Modern Girl’s Guide To Work From Home where I will teach you everything you need to know on obtaining a WFH job!

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