This week I am sharing something atypical, while I typically focus on WFH opportunities and resources, I love Arts & Crafts! Occasionally, I will share DIY projects that you all can work on during your spare time or with your NKs (or your own) during their school breaks. With Spring Break less than two weeks away for most kids, I figured this would be a perfect opportunity to take on a fun spring project.

As your nanny kids (or your own!) grow up a crib may no longer be useful, but as we tend to get emotionally attached to such items, it can be hard to get rid of it as well. Luckily, there’s no need to throw it away as there are so many fun ways to re-purpose an old crib and make something useful with it.

You can use parts from your crib such as the springs to make gorgeous decor or even a drying rack. Surprisingly, old cribs can be used for larger DIY projects such as a desk, a bench, and even a headboard. Truthfully, these ideas only scratch the surface so check out all these new crib re-purpose ideas, and I’m sure you’ll find something to do with yours! Please Pin this post to refer to later!


  1. DIY Sign From An Old Crib from
  2. DIY Gardener’s Spot From An Old Crib Spring from
  3. DIY Free-Standing Pet Gate from
  4. Repurposed Crib Rail Photo Display from
  5. DIY Chore & Behavior System from
  6. Convert A Jenny Lind Crib To A Bench Or A Daybed from
  7. DIY Crib Spring Drying Rack from
  8. Make A Bench Out Of An Old Crib from
  9. Convert a Crib into a Desk from
  10. Drying Rack From An Old Crib Rail from
  11. Crib To Upholstered Headboard DIY from
  12. Crib Mattress Spring Turned American Flag from
  13. Upcycled Crib To Quail Coop from
  14. Upcycle a Crib into Wall Decor for Race Medals from
  15. DIY Crib Mattress Sectional Sofa from
  16. From Bumper Pad To Pillow from
  17. Repurposed Bed Spring Craft Storage from
  18. How To Antique A New Crib Spring from
  19. Pull Picnic Wagon from
  20. Easy Peasy Crib Spring Memo Board from

Which one was your favorite?!