How To Apply for #Jobs When You May Not Fully Qualify - Modern Nanny



We’ve all come across a job that sounds amazing, but we don’t fully qualify… Is it okay to apply anyway? In most cases, it’s worth applying anyway. Some will say don’t apply to a job if you know you don’t qualify, but to be honest if you meet all of the qualifications of a position, you’re really overqualified and still may not get hired. If you are hired, you’ll be bored, and there’s no real room for you to learn because you can do the job in your sleep.

Of course, there are some exceptions, like when you have to be a paralegal or know how to build a cabinet from scratch. Otherwise, it’s usually a matter of seeing if you can highlight what you can do and prove to the employer that you’re worth hiring and training you in what you may not be well versed in.

In fact, many job vacancy posts are more like bucket lists than requirements, so you do in fact still have a chance.

Consider these most common scenarios where you may be able to make a case for why you’re a candidate worth considering.

Switching Careers

Do you want to switch to a new industry or a different kind of position? If you’re reading this post, you are most likely looking to change careers.

These strategies will help you make the transition:

Research! Research! Research! Before making the switch, research everything you can. Clarify your reasons for the switch so you can explain them to an employer as well as yourself. Look up stats on starting salaries and employment reviews on a site like Glassdoor.

Highlight your transferable skills. Look over your resume to see how you can apply what you’ve done to your new ideal role. Many duties overlap even when the job titles are different.

Ask for help. Your current network is still beneficial. See if there is someone you know who can introduce you to people who may be willing to mentor you and help you during your job search.

When You Lack Experience

Maybe you’re new to the job market or have limited experience. You can still impress employers with your talents and accomplishments.

Try these techniques for highlighting your talents and gaining some experience:

Do an internship or volunteer. While internships are usually designed for students, it doesn’t hurt to apply still to be an intern. Contact companies on Linkedin where you would like to work or a company similar to your ideal company and ask about formal or informal opportunities.

Optimize your cover letter. Optimizing your cover letter is even more vital when your resume needs support. Develop engaging stories that present your skills and abilities.

When You Don’t Have The Specific Skills

Soft skills can be just as essential as technical knowledge. With a few tweaks and extra work, you may be able to persuade the hiring manager that you can do the job even if you’re unfamiliar with a program.

Analyze the job description. Look over the qualifications to see which requirements are essential and which are not. Companies that deal with many foreigners might desire employees to be bilingual, it may not affect your chance.

Keywords are key. Automatic programs and human resources departments focus heavily on keywords these days. If a particular skill is stressed repeatedly, you may need to look elsewhere. In addition, take out keywords that you can most certainly do and strategically sprinkle them on your resume!

Continue learning. I can’t stress this enough, you can keep strengthening your work experience and suitability. Take advantage of job trainings onsite or in your free time online. Sites like Udemy offer very affordable classes online.

If you’ve done your due diligence and decided that you’re an excellent fit for the position, APPLY! Even if you don’t meet everything on their “wish list,” you’ll feel confident knowing that you made an effort and did the work. You never know, you may even land your dream position.