Hi! My name is LeWahn, and I am here to help as many nannies as possible crush their financial goals! The Modern Nanny is a nanny advice and work from home Blog. The Modern Nanny publish relevant work relating to the  nanny industry as well as information for nannies who would like to transition into a new career, working remotely. I also provide specialized coaching sessions to help navigate and alleviate stress during the remote job search process.

Why The Modern Nanny  Exists

After over 10 years of experience in the childcare field; with great expertise in dealing with newborns as well as teens, the need to be more creative and do more crept in. After successfully getting into this creative space of thinking, I realized that helping other nannies who have gotten to a point in their careers where they feel they could do more would be such a great idea. I am always thrilled to take care of children and help people in general, and so, “The Modern Nanny” was birthed.

Nannies can be and do more, and I help them get into that space of exploring their individual capabilities. I know what it feels like to want to do more, but not know how to apply the transferable skills that seem so natural to me!

The Modern Nanny Services

I am passionate about providing coaching services to nannies who feel stomped in their career and have hopes of finding legitimate remote jobs where they can receive training, move up within the company while exploring other passions they have. The coaching I provide are sure to alleviate stress during the search for remote jobs, as well as the nanny employment process.

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